EU member States divided: copyright reform prior to the Failure?


    For the critics of the Reform of the EU copyright cautious celebration atmosphere. The Romanian presidency of the EU Council, since January, the shops in the Council of Ministers, has been canceled for Monday, the attached compromise continued negotiations with the European Parliament. She had previously received insufficient support for their negotiating line of the EU member States. It had become a whole lot less likely that the talks until the European elections in may, and informed the members of the European Parliament Julia Reda (pirates). The Bundesverband Deutsche Startups, welcomed the “stop” in the negotiations. The Reform would have made the German Start-up economy in the current Form hard, warned the Association. The mainly affected by the Reform corporations, especially Google, held back.

    Hendrik Kafsack

    economic correspondent in Brussels.

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    Indeed, the rejoicing may be premature. The Romanian government announced that it plans to continue to work on a joint line of the member States and, if possible, soon to submit new proposals. “We don’t have up to the middle, to the end of February, a compromise with the European Parliament”, – stated in diplomatic circles. Then enough time, so that the Parliament could adopt the compromise in the plenary to stay still. Also Reda warned: “This is a surprising twist in the Drama of the copyright law reform Filter means nor the end of the performance right and Upload.” To these two points, the provisions of articles 11 and 13 of the regulation, the dispute between reform supporters and opponents, an Alliance of the so-called Internet community and the Internet companies, in months.

    With article 11, to establish in the EU a power of protection. Google News and similar providers would have to pay for the use of text, excerpts from articles. The publishers complain that the company proposes, so far, Profit from it, to use any of the provided article, without the involvement of the publishers in mind. Google holds the opposite, that the publishers benefitted from the users would be guided through Google News on your pages. The European Parliament has spoken out, as well as the Council of Ministers, the Committee of the States, for the new law. The States are arguing now about whether the Google News snippets the use of short Text (“Snippets”) of a few words for the description a link to an article allowed to remain, as it calls for the Federal government. Numerous other EU member States want to that Google News may use any text blocks that contain an own, creative power of the author. Impractical the German government.