the leaders began the third video conference on Thursday afternoon. Previous video of the meeting is passed over a week and during that time the corona virus has taken only the momentum and spread throughout europe and the world into a pandemic.

the Epidemic to curb the majority of member states, Finland included, has imposed restrictions on foreign and internal borders. The city is closed, and commercial – as well as the outdoor life is limited. Almost the only ones who have not been restricting travel to are Ireland, Sweden and Luxembourg and the EU break away from the British.

– not One country alone cannot win the fight koronaa against, said European council president Charles Michel after the meeting.

the Commission has given member countries guidance on how border controls should be arranged so that medications, medical supplies and other necessary goods to move across borders (you move to another service).

the Commission has launched a medicines and medical supplies joint purchasing for member states based on the data provided. Finland joins the ranks possibly as early as Friday.

the truck queues in Poland, on the border with Germany on the flank.Marcin Bielecki / EPA

Prime minister Sanna Marin (sd.) spoke at the meeting in his speech specifically to limit movement of importance on behalf of. (you move to another service)

the development of a Vaccine has been shown to additional funds and work is being done internationally.

on Thursday morning via video link as the convening of been G20 countries agreed that economic support measures to continue and the central banks of the member countries by. Trade is to be as little as possible barriers and border formalities should keep as low as possible regarding medicines, food and other necessary supplies.

a worker greasing gears on Wednesday Bremerhaven container port. Tavarliikennekin is a pandemic with decreased.Focke Strangmann / epa with the eu does not start so far with the new economic support measures

Pandemialla has a huge economic impact around the world. EU euro countries have negotiated the ESM crisis fund introduction. The use of the fund vice is around 410 billion euros. The fund’s use is widespread support, but EU leaders restored the idea of the euro area finance ministers for further preparatory work. The proposal is expected within two weeks.

the Idea is that the fund may be a member of the request to admit the crisis of credit under certain conditions. The southern EU countries maintained by the goal of introducing common bonds, the so-called the corona bond, you received no support, especially in Northern Europe. The european central bank, many central banks and national press were still on.

the EU and the G20 countries are already starting also to plan how life is lifted to his feet when the pandemic situation to ease off. Vaccine development will take maybe 18 months and most experts, according to the world economic takes so long to lock. Unemployment has already gone off, inter alia, in the united states. Unemployment in the checkout queue now 3.3 million people when their last week was less than 300 000.

the EU must have a plan for how to live to be normalized to

European cities are deserted. The restaurant and bar are closed, equally retail trade – food stores and pharmacy except. All events; concerts, sport and exhibitions have been canceled and moved somewhere in the future, because no one can say when the pandemic subsides and it is at that point that a normal life can be back for even small steps.

despite the EU leaders have asked the commission to prepare so-called exit-strategy. It means a plan about how the EU, member states and the private sector should act when the restrictions will be dismantled and the economy of the stroller are spun again.

– We need to improve the internal market’s ability to act and we need a strong budget for the union, said the president of the commission Ursula von der Leyen .

the Union’s seven-year budget failed to reach agreement late last year the Finnish presidency. Now the budget negotiations are left corona virus in the feet. Both von der Leyen that Charles Michel to attach importance to the fact that the budget negotiations will get under way as quickly as possible.

a Budget is an essential part of pandemic post-economic corrective measures.

Read the European council of 26.3. video of the meeting press release in English here (you move to another service).

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