could be in for If it goes to AfD, soon, Germany’s withdrawal from the European Union. How the “world” first reported, the Alternative for Germany in their slogan for a German exit from the European Union into the game. “Should our fundamental Reform in the existing System, the EU is not within a parliamentary term reality”, so the program Committee of the party holds a “Dexit” until 2024. The deadline begins with the day of the European elections on may 26. May. In the slogan of the outlet is referred to as the “last Option”.

to the “basic approaches to Reform”, therefore, that the EU is converting Parliament into a “European Assembly” with a maximum of 100 delegates. Currently in the EU Parliament are represented by 751 MEPs. Select also does not more, the people could then, but it would be chosen by the “national parliaments to strengthen in proportion to the Group”, which in fact would mean the elimination of a European election, as it takes place in may.

danger in front of Islamization was “greater than ever”

Elimination of both the Euro as a currency funds, as well as the targets in the climate change policy would be according to the concept of the AfD. Superfluous the party of justice the equality directives between a man and a woman, and the prominent position of the European court.

In your slogan, the AfD is also, once again, against Islam. The danger of an Islamization was as big as never, “even if not many want to recognize,” it says. It is unclear what measures the party this project would investigate.

The European elections will take place on 26. May for the ninth Time. Every five years, all citizens of the European Union are allowed to choose the new European Parliament. It is the only European institution directly elected by the people. How many of the members sends a country depends on the population number – at least six representatives. Germany is represented with 96 members.