Escalation in North and South Korea – war threats to impress Trump


Escalation in North and South Korea – war threats should Trump impress North Korea threatens and causes the most severe crisis in years. So the Regime wants to build pressure on the United States.Thomas Hahn from Tokio0 Kommentare2018 met Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump in Singapore: in the Meantime, are frozen in the conversation for a long time. Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

On Sunday, the highest security officials of the South Korean government came to an emergency Meeting. They discussed the recent warning from North Korea, after the Communist Regime was even a military action ready to set characters against North Korea-critical activist groups in the South.

You’ve analyzed the situation and a response to the threats from Pyongyang advice, said a spokesman for the Blue house, the headquarters of President Moon Jae-in. Later, the defense Ministry said in Seoul, in readiness for “all situations”, and called on Pyongyang to abide by the current between-Korean military agreement.

Kim’s younger sister on the Front lines

As a democratic state with an authoritarian neighboring country that wants to strengthen in the framework of a partnership system? This is the question that South Korea’s government must be more involved than ever. Since the days of North Korea from expanding its attack. Especially in the Person of Kim Yo-jong, the younger sister of leader Kim Jong-un, the North Korean apparatus for Propaganda is responsible and, obviously, to have an impact.

to let the Official reason for the displeasure in Pyongyang, the actions of Defectors, who exploit their freedom in South Korea are, on the border of helium balloons with regime-critical texts are on the rise. In April 2018 under Moon Jae signed in an agreement, according to the South, such actions must bind. For the relaxation between the two Koreas, South Korea’s President was, therefore, freedom of rights, the criticism reached anyone in North Korea. But the activists did more. Now North Korea is using them as a trigger for the most severe crisis on the Korean Peninsula for years.

Threatens, in the meantime, even with the army: Kim’s sister Kim Yo-jong.Photo: Jorge Silva/Reuters

Kim Yo-jong started in the last week in order to vaccinate the Defections in the state-run news Agency KCNA rough dam (“scum! Mongrel dogs!”), and South Korea threatened the government: If the balloons fly away, will North Korea from military agreements, and other arrangements out.

Now Kim reached Yo-jong to the next level of escalation. “I have the feeling that it is high time to break with the South Korean authorities,” she said in the newspaper “Rodong Sinmun”, the Central organ of the workers ‘ party of Korea, and stated: “The right to take the next action against the enemy, will be handed over to the management staff of our army.” She called South Korea “the enemy”, emphasizing the tough attitude.

the South goes against the balloon actions before

in Addition, Kim Yo warned-jong, North Korea’s government could destroy the “useless” liaison office in the border town of Gaeseong. The office is the Symbol for the rapprochement between Moon and Kim Jong-un in 2018.

experts doubt that the recent outbursts have only to do with the activists. Already South Korea has called on government to said Balloon to, and even a legislative initiative, in contrast, announced. Nevertheless, North Korea has not calmed down. “North Korea’s actions should set an example and pressure build-up. But you have to aim more to the U.S. than to South Korea,” said Van Jackson, Ex-Pentagon official and Professor at the University of Victoria in Wellington.

“The U.S. had better have kept your mouth shut.”

Kwon Jong gun, Director General for U.S. Affairs in North Korea

Moon has done a lot to ensure that the talks between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un could begin. The target is a Deal in which North Korea of its nuclear weapons exchanged for the lifting of international sanctions. Two years ago, Trump and Kim met in Singapore for the first Time. But the negotiations are frozen. In October it was in Stockholm the last conversation. It ended inconclusively, North Korea complained about the “old attitude” of Americans. Since then, nothing more except the North Korean threats and other weapons tests happened.

Whether North Korea’s strategy is working? In Washington is “disappointed” by the threats. Prompt Kwon shot Jong-gun, Director General for U.S. Affairs in North Korea back to the Ministry of foreign Affairs, The United States “had better have kept your mouth shut and your own business taken care of, if you do not want to experience something Terrible”. Good diplomacy sounds different.

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