L’Ile aux enfants, Cartes sur table, … The 1970s represented an important turning point in French television. Many shows from this era are now considered classics of French television.

When talking about shows from the 70s, it is impossible not to mention Ile aux enfants. This program aimed at young viewers was broadcast from 1974 to 1982. Everyone remembers Casimir the friendly dinosaur and the Gloubi-boulga recipe. “It has come the time for laughter and song” thus began the credits of this daily program, always engraved in the memory of the children of the 70s.

L’Ile aux enfants is not the only show that has marked the young generation. This decade is also the one that saw the birth of L’école des fans. This great French program launched in 1977 which lasted until 2014. Thus marking a whole series of generations of children. Many are the moments that have become cults that we still find today in our bloopers as the replicas of certain children were legendary.

But the children were not the only ones to be spoiled during these years which also saw the emergence of new political programs. This is the case of Cartes sur table where journalists Jean-Pierre Elkabach and Alain Duhamel faced each month a politician in order to push him to his limits. As L’internaute raises, the most famous of the guests was undoubtedly Georges Marchais with his famous line launched in 1980 “You can’t get into your little head that I too have a brain!”

Advertising, too, took a new turn during this decade. Discover the most striking commercials of the 70s in our slideshow.