Enigmatic syndrome in children with a Corona build-up


10 cases in Switzerland, an enigmatic syndrome in children with a Corona build-up currently, reports of seriously sick children who do not suffer at Covid-19, however, Corona-anti-body carry are on the increase. Now it is known: the cases, there are also in Switzerland.53 Kommentare53Corona antibodies might have something to do with severe diseases of children up to the age of 14 years.Photo: Gaetan Bally/Keystone

at Least in children and adolescents rails yet remain of serious diseases caused by the Coronavirus spared to. But now cases of severely ill children in whom a connection with the new Virus is suspected to accumulate in some countries.

The affected children suffer from a persistent fever, severe abdominal pain, rashes and a swollen tongue. The blood vessels become inflamed, sometimes the heart is damaged. The children’s doctor Sunil Sood from the Cohen children’s medical center in New York reported that around half of the young patients had to be transferred to his clinic due to a heart muscle inflammation on the intensive care unit.

physicians speak of the “pediatric inflammatory multi-system syndrome”, abbreviated to MIS-C. The disease is similar to the rare Kawasaki syndrome, a vascular disease in children, which can lead to organ failure.

Ten cases in Switzerland

In Europe, the suspected syndrome, joined up at the end of last week at about 230 children up to the age of 14 years, such as the European centre for the prevention and control of diseases reported. In Switzerland, had occurred since the beginning of March, ten cases in children and young people, said the children’s doctor and infection Loge Christoph Aebi to “NZZ on Sunday”. However, none of the children had died.

Doctors in Bergamo in Northern Italy, reports that the inflammatory syndrome occurred in recent times, much more frequent: From mid-February to mid-April, there were, according to their report in the journal The Lancet, ten of the cases compared to 19 cases in the last five years. In the Region of New York more than a hundred cases have been counted.

at Least five children – three in New York and one each in France and the United Kingdom – have died of the syndrome. At least two other cases, it is suspected to be the cause of death.

Overreaction of the immune system

experts suspect that the Sars-CoV-2 causes the affected children to an Overreaction of the immune system. Instead of protecting the body, attack the immune system the tissues and organs. “The children had the Virus and the body has it’s first shot,” says the children’s doctor Sood. “But now there is this delayed excessive immune reaction.”

the observations of the immunologist Julia Kenny of the Evelina children’s hospital, in London, of the 50 children with the syndrome were treated speak. Only a small part of them an acute Corona-infection could be demonstrated. “But most of them were tested positive for antibodies,” says Kenny. This means that you have previously been asymptomatic infected.

genes as a possible cause

The increase in cases appears to be several weeks behind the peak of the infection in the General population to lie. This suggests that antibodies could play a role in the development of the syndrome.

A theory of a genetic Disposition. In the UK, six of the eight first diseased children of afro-Caribbean descent, as from a last week study published in The Lancet shows. Also in France, the dead Boy had according to the Doctors of African roots.


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