The “end of abundance and the end of carelessness”. On August 24, the President of the Republic set the tone. Adopting a more pessimistic posture, E mmanuel Macron underlined the “series of serious crises” which could cross the country.

His speech had already caused a lot of reaction but the government kept its line. Extending the speech of the Head of State, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne spoke on Monday, during the Medef summer school, referring in particular to the “sobriety plans” which will have to be put in place by companies.

“Faced with the threats of shortages this winter, we have only one way: the reduction of energy consumption”, she thus declared, calling on “each of the companies to establish, in September, his own sobriety plan. The word “rationing”, charged with meaning and seriousness, was even pronounced by the Prime Minister.

Tuesday August 30, government spokesman Olivier Véran returned to this subject on Franceinfo. “The time has come to change a number of our habits”, he hammered, referring to the important changes that the French will have to make in the months to come to respond to the crises that the country is going through.

“You have a panel of 500, 600 measures that can have an impact on the planet and an impact on our energy consumption this winter, some concern the State or companies, others French people and on these measures, we want to look which are the most effective and which are the least harmful to the daily lives of French people”.

Thus, Olivier Véran gave an example of the efforts that the French should make and this could well concern their daily life… And displease them greatly.

“Each and every one of us can act, it’s what we call eco-gestures”, declared Olivier Véran at the microphone of Franceinfo, stressing that “the French are very numerous to make eco-gestures which allow to have a impact on the energy bill and also on the planet”.

At the beginning of the fall, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will present the energy sobriety roadmap to the French, he confirmed. “There will also be a communication campaign for the general public which will allow everyone to take ownership of fairly simple, fairly basic tools, which allow them to have a real impact”, explained the former Minister of Health.

Olivier Véran, who has already given some leads, made Internet users react with one of these statements…

“I’m just giving an example: you don’t run a washing machine at 6 p.m. in the middle of winter”, thus evoking one of the actions that the French could adopt on a daily basis.

A statement that was quick to react to Internet users, accusing the former Minister of Health of disagreeing with the reality of French women and men.

After no more than 5 at the table, you have to be seated for the covid to pass over, the stupid instructions continue, no washing machine after 6 p.m., at 5 p.m. it’s better, ridiculous, really the French are taken for big idiots, anyway

Other Internet users, for their part, regret the double standard regarding the advice given to consumers and the reality of brands, sports stadiums…

“I’m just giving an example: you don’t run a washing machine at 6 p.m. in the middle of winter” O.Veran I’m just giving another example: you don’t turn on a football stadium at full power at 1:30 p.m. on a match dayAmazing, Nope ?