Energy savings: how to cook pasta faster?


Any energy saving is good to take. On November 18, 2022, the electricity transmission network operator RTE estimated that there was a “high” risk of tension on the network in January.

Thus, according to the monthly update of the “outlook for the electricity system” published by RTE, the risk of power cuts linked to the Ecowatt system seems “high for the month of January but will largely depend on climatic conditions and the possible occurrence of even a moderate cold spell”.

To reduce the risk of this happening, Ecowatt has made available eco-gestures to follow in the event of an orange or red signal. However, as the RTE reveals on its website, “the most effective actions concern the use of heating, lighting and cooking”. For this last point, there is a trick that allows you to cook your food much faster.

In France, starches such as pasta or rice are particularly consumed. There is an unknown trick that allows you to cook them in just one or two minutes and therefore save energy.

To do this, simply grab the pasta or rice you want to cook and pour it into a salad bowl or saucepan. Then, add water without heating it first. Once these two steps are carried out, it is now necessary to let the mixture rest for at least two hours, and even overnight if possible.

When meal time has come, simply transfer the food to a pot of boiling water and let it heat up for one to two minutes. As Femme Actuelle explains, by soaking for a long time in water, pasta like rice rehydrates and all that remains is to cook it.