The 2023 finance bill was adopted on Wednesday October 19, passed in force with a score of 49.3 by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. Inflation continues to rise, and the government has been forced to put in place exceptional aid for the poorest since the start of the crisis.

The energy crisis, in particular, is at the center of the debate. Indeed, the increase in the prices of electricity, gas and fuel oil is anticipated at nearly 15% in January and February 2023, according to the Internet user. This is enough to worry the French, who will have to tighten their belts and monitor their energy consumption, especially heating this winter.

A total of 117 amendments were retained by the executive in the final version of the finance bill. Among them, the raising of the ceiling for the tax credit for childcare, the permanent half-tax for widows and widowers of veterans, or even the maintenance of the reduction in VAT at 5.5% on products essential to the management of Covid-19.

The end of the year promises to be tenacious for the purchasing power of the French. November will see several key dates for the aid provided by the new government budget: release of new bonuses, modifications and replacements of certain devices. Planet has listed for you all the financial assistance modalities planned for the month of November.