From what salary is one considered rich? According to the Observatory of Inequalities, which unveiled its report on the rich this Wednesday, June 1, to be part of the wealthiest French people, private sector employees must receive at least double the median remuneration, corresponding to 3,880 euros net per month. at least, according to 2019 data from INSEE. This concerns 4.5 million French citizens, or 7% of the population.

As for those who are part of the much envied club of the 1% of the highest salaries, they earn at least 9,103 euros per month. Could a professional retraining, whether or not through training, enable you to achieve this remuneration?

The 2022 edition of the rich in France paints a socio-demographic portrait of the rich. “On average, they are a little older than the population as a whole. They are most often senior executives in the private or public sector. no slouch and are overrepresented in the richest 1% or thousand,” the report read.

They live in spacious and comfortable accommodation, mastering their lives, in time and space. They go on vacation and move by choice, wherever they want. They maintain a wide network of acquaintances and friendships that are useful to them.

People who have a standard of living between the highest 10% and the highest 1% are on average 57 years old, and 63% have no or no longer dependent children. 82% own their homes and 51% of wealthy employees are senior executives. 16% live in Paris or in the Hauts-de-Seine, and finally, 73% have assets that place them in the wealthiest 20%.

To which professions should you turn to hope for a better salary? Are they within reach? Do not hesitate to carry out a skills assessment to take stock of your situation. Check out the 10 professions that offer the highest pay in the slideshow below.