as The duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, said in an interview that the life is in the spotlight its hard to do.

“What will the impact be, both physically and mentally, from the pressure, you obviously need to become a premium member.”, ask the journalist Tom Bradby. After a short pause, replied Meghan, that all women may be vulnerable to feel when they are pregnant. “That period was very difficult for me,” she says. “And then you will have a baby, and it’s a lot to deal with.”

She said the pressure she feels on top of being a mother, and her role as the wife of prince Harry. “Thank you for asking how I am doing,” says Meghan at her. “A few people ask me if everything is okay, but it’s really something I need to handle it, away from the public eye.”

“So, it’s not going to be as good for you, in the last few months were a struggle?”, – asks the journalist. “Yes,” replied the girl.

The interview is part of a longer documentary by the journalist Tom Bradby on ITV. He was followed by the couple during their ten-day trip to Africa. The documentary will be on Sunday at 9pm Uk time on ITV.

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This e-mail message on Instagram

“Not many people have asked if I’m ok… it’s a very real thing to be going through the behind-the-scenes.’ Meghan reveals to ITV’s @he said.bradby-the intense media spotlight has left her struggling to cope, while becoming a no #HarryAndMeghan.

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Relationships with the press

During the ten-day African tour, it became known that Meghan’s, a British tabloid newspaper, Associated Newspapers, the owner of the roddelblad ‘Mail on sunday’ in front of the court. The company is due to Markle being sued for misuse of private information, breach of copyright and a breach of the data protection act. The complaint comes as the Mail on Sunday in a private letter to the duchess, without permission, was published. The tabloid continues to support the publication, and to defend themselves.

Prince Harry, has filed a lawsuit. He challenges the editors of ‘The sun’ and ‘The daily mirror’ to the right. According to Harry, it would have been on his phone hacking. “On behalf of the duke of Sussex, was to a criminal complaint filed in the Supreme court. The complaint was based on the illegal interception of voicemail messages,” said a spokeswoman from prince Harry, told Reuters.

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