The human resources team of the health of Emmaus was chosen to be an HR ambassador for 2019. A title of honor that is a long time to wear.

Emmaus is a community that is predominantly active in the Belgian province of Antwerp, belgium. It represents more than 6.700 employees in 24 locations. Like Johnson, human resources co-ordinator at Emmaus, was allowed this year at the Ghelamco Arena in Gent, and the price in that case.

The networking event of the HR Gala provides all of fourteen years of age, a ambassadeursopdracht of a company or a person who, as a ‘reference’ can be seen to the right of the name. The organisation would like to say that in the field of human resource management for extra visibility give.

in their title, of Emmaus, in the company of organisations such as Mathieu Gijbels nv Colruyt, Schoenen Torfs and the Media. They, too, had, over the past few years, as HR ambassadors.

According to Pieter Timmermans, chief executive officer of the federation of Belgian Enterprises (feb / VBO), and the president of the jury, made the Emmaus impression of a strong corporate culture based on a sustainable, value-oriented strategy.” For this to happen, according to him, in a non-obvious and the labour market context, in which the means are not the same for the pick up are. “The organization and care of the witnesses of the hospitality, open-mindedness, equality, quality and solidarity,” he says.