The polls have delivered their verdict. On Sunday June 19, 2022, the French decided not to grant an absolute majority to the presidential coalition in the National Assembly, just a few weeks after deciding to re-elect Emmanuel Macron as head of state. Here are the results of the 2022 legislative elections:

This unprecedented situation since the establishment of the five-year term in France will force the President of the Republic and his Prime Minister to “govern differently”, as he himself specified during a televised address, Wednesday June 22, 2022.

If the head of state seems to be in a delicate position, he can always count on his most loyal supporters to cheer him up.

The members of Emmanuel Macron’s very closed circle are few. “It’s not even a legend. We lend few friendships to Emmanuel Macron”, reports Arthur Berdah, journalist and author of the book Emmanuel Macron, truths and legends on the Daily set. This is particularly the case when it comes to his connections in politics.

According to the Head of State, “no relationship is disinterested in politics”, as the journalist reports. Emmanuel Macron therefore does not wish to mix the private and the professional: “Profiles like Sibeth Ndiaye or Elisabeth Borne, considered warriors, suit the idea that he has of working relationships, devoid of affect. He keeps this for his wife and his family”, specifies Corinne Lhaïk, biographer of the president, as indicated by Gala.

The First Lady is not the only woman to count in the life of Emmanuel Macron. In the slideshow below, discover all the women in his life.