A new meeting with the French. Emmanuel Macron will be the guest of France 2 on Wednesday October 26, for the second issue of the program L’Evènement, in which he has already participated on October 19. During this first exchange with journalist Caroline Roux, the Head of State mainly mentioned France’s international position and in particular the war in Ukraine, as well as its repercussions on Europe and France. He could not escape, all the same, questions of internal politics, because the country was then in full shortage of fuel. What announcements to remember from this first interview?

If Emmanuel Macron’s various announcements concerned the international, those to come on Wednesday will focus on domestic politics. What to expect?

For this second issue of the program L’Evènement, Emmanuel Macron will be questioned on subjects that are very different from those of the first issue. National policy issues will be at the heart of the questions… And there are many of them. It must be said that, since July 14, the President of the Republic has not really mentioned two central themes today: shortages and energy sobriety.

This new speech will allow the Head of State to establish his position a little more, while his relative majority is being heckled at the moment in the National Assembly. While the oppositions are more and more heard since the start of the school year, Emmanuel Macron will surely take advantage of this evening to put the word of the executive back at the center of the debate. It is also a riskier moment for the tenant of the Elysée, because he will not be able to pose as a “peacemaker” as he was able to do around issues related to international news. Above all, he is expected at the turn by the French…

Energy prices, pension reform, shortages… The French are worried and sometimes unhappy. If the fuel crisis is coming to an end – with the lifting of the strike in the majority of refineries – other concerns are still there, particularly with regard to gas and electricity. How to ensure a winter without cuts? How to heat yourself without blowing up your bill? The president will surely have to answer these questions.

Another sensitive subject is purchasing power. The French have been dealing with inflation for many weeks and the situation is not going to improve immediately. How to restore purchasing power to the French? How to encourage lower prices in the coming weeks? What to do for the middle classes who cannot benefit from certain aid, but who still have trouble finishing the month?

Finally, Emmanuel Macron could be brought to mention the pension reform, the consultations of which are continuing. While the age of departure is particularly debated, it is on this question that the president will be expected at the turn. As a reminder, he wants to set it at 65 for a full pension.