The President of the Republic’s televised speeches have marked his mandates. Between the global pandemic, the yellow vests crisis and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the news has strongly punctuated Emmanuel Macron’s speeches since his first election in 2017.

According to information from Le Figaro, the Head of State will be back on the air this Wednesday, October 12 and 26, 2017, where he will be the guest of France 2 on the occasion of the first broadcast of the program “L’Evenement”. , replacing “L’É mission politique”.

For the time being, the subjects mentioned by the President of the Republic during this program remain unclear. This intervention comes only a few days after the return to parliament in the National Assembly, where his government, let us remember, does not have an absolute majority. An interview against the background of the war in Ukraine, inflation, strikes and pension and unemployment insurance reforms.

In a press release, FranceTélévisions explained that Emmanuel Macron will be questioned on “international issues” on October 12, and rather on “the major issues of domestic politics” on the 26th.

In addition, the public group pointed out that each interview will be followed by a set hosted by Caroline Roux. The latter will aim “to deepen, decipher and analyze the topics raised with guests, current actors and experts”.

The last television appearance of the President of the Republic dates back to July 14, during his traditional interview given for the national holiday.