After the titelviering, the return, and what a vacation is the order of the day, Emma Meesseman, and Kim Mestdagh. The European championship is waiting Meesseman opened the Euroleague against Castors Braine, Kim Mestdagh in the battle of Liège Panthers.

you can READ as WELL. WNBA champion Emma Meeseman and Kim Mestdagh at home: “the fact That a visit to the Home we have to cut off”).

The kalendermaker for the WNBA champion Emma Meessman and Kim Mestdagh has a nice “dessert” at the start of the new European club competitions. Emma Meesseman enters the European club champion Ekaterinaburg, of course, in the Euroleague, the strongest European competition, however. “We open our doors on Wednesday at the Spiroudôme in Charleroi, against the Belgian champion Castors Braine. I’m not going to play it, but it will still be present. Normally, I go on Thursday to the team’s return to Russia, but there are some absences that I am in Belgium, you will have to spend,” said Meesseman.

Kim Mestdagh is coming in the next campaign, the French Charleville, from where there is also her friend Giorgia Sottana to play. Charleville is in the FIBA Europe Cup, and will receive on Wednesday, Liège Panthers. “I will, on Wednesday, on the bench seat, but it still does not play a role,” says Kim Mestdagh. Both Mestdagh, if Meesseman have confirmed their attendance in mid-november for the Belgian Band. On the 14th of november, took up the case of Cats, against the Ukraine for the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifiers in the Spiroudôme in Charleroi, and on the 17th of november in Finland, and get to work.