in the case of a knife attack low carved Gdansk mayor Pawel Adamowicz has died of his injuries. “In spite of all our efforts, we have not been able to save him,” said the doctor, Tomasz Stefaniak on Monday, according to the news Agency PAP. Adamowicz had been stabbed on Sunday night at a charity event in front of the eyes of hundreds of people by an attacker.

A man rushes at a charity event on him with a knife. Adamowicz had donations for hospital-collected equipment. First of all, it was succeeded to rescue personnel on the ground, the 53-year-old-party politicians, once again, to revive. Adamowicz was taken to a hospital, the attackers by security guards overwhelmed. The police found his identity. Accordingly, it is a 27-year-old gdańsk.

recorded The fact. On the video recordings it is seen how the man tore after the attack, a microphone. As the reason for his act he was, the former party of Adamowicz – the Civic platform – have tortured him during his detention. Media agree according to reports, the perpetrator is a well-known Criminal, the raids because of four armed robbery sentenced to five years in prison. He is said to have suffered from mental health problems, and only in December.