Tesla CEO Elon Musk attacks the American stock market regulator, SEC, has pushed him from the top of the Board of Directors of the electric car manufacturer. “I would like to say very clearly: I don’t respect the SEC,” said Musk in an Interview with the TV channel CBS. He bowed but “out of respect for the legal system” to their demands. Musk and the SEC had reached the end of September, an agreement in the dispute to a Tweet of Tesla’s heads.

Musk had written there at the beginning of August, he take a withdrawal of the electric car-maker by the stock exchange in the eye, and the funding for this was secured, though he could not present any firm Commitments. On the stock markets of the unconventional announcement caused trouble. The SEC accused Musk in a lawsuit of misleading investors.

Musk is in contempt of the SEC arrangement to a tweet

to create the action from the world, had to Musk for at least three years of the presidency of the Board of Directors give up. In comparison to European Supervisory boards of American Board of Directors has accounted for more fully, and also determines the strategy.

Musk had to pay in consequence of in addition, 20 million Dollar fine. In addition, the stock market had demanded supervision, the communication of the bustling Tech-billionaire is controlled in the social networks. In an Interview with CBS, Musk said, however, that no one read his Tweets before, and Recalling the right to freedom of expression.