This is M6’s new musical game. This Wednesday, June 29 is broadcast The biggest karaoke in France, hosted by Éric Antoine and Élodie Gossuin. A totally new duo will orchestrate this musical show bringing together 1,000 participants from all over France, at the Antique Theater in Orange.

The principle is simple: these music lovers will cover the greatest hits of French variety with artists like Amir, Claudio Capéo or even Lio and Yannick. All equipped with a system with headphones and a microphone, they will sing at the same time as the artist on the stage, following the lyrics on their smartphone or on the giant screen. Judged by a jury of experts, they will try to qualify round after round in order to be the big winner of the competition.

To assist them in this incredible challenge, host Élodie Gossuin will be by their side in the stands to support them and gather feedback. An unprecedented challenge for the TV host who is also taking her first steps on M6. “I am very proud of this great gift the channel is giving me. Especially since I didn’t dare hope to be able to host a program that looks like me and amuses me so much. They saw me working as a duo with Éric Antoine because they knew that ‘Humanly, it was going to do it,’ she assured Télé-Loisirs.

Flagship face of the PAF, the famous host is also at the head of the program Extraordinary families broadcast on 6ter. “I am also very moved by their loyalty to me because we have been working together for almost five years”. For this new challenge, this karaoke fan could not dream better than to animate this new musical game. “I love it, it’s my whole life! These are always magical evenings par excellence with my family or my girlfriends. You let go and you don’t care if you sing badly, it’s just enjoyable and liberating”, admitted the former Miss France to our colleagues.

It must be said that Élodie Gossuin has distinguished herself on several occasions for her poor vocal performances which amused the viewers. Remember those passages in Eurovision where the mother of the family announced the tricolor points by humming the famous “Youhouhouhou” from Amir or “Thank you thank you” from the duo Madame Monsieur. If the host still has progress to make before joining The Voice, her joie de vivre and her humor continue to seduce her fans on the web.

Before warming up your vocal cords, here is an anthology of unusual casseroles by Élodie Gossuin in pictures. Check out six performances (for better and for fun) in our slideshow.