Back-to-school time has come for millions of schoolchildren. Goodbye sand castles on the beach, hello the classroom. From kindergarten to high school, students have found their classmates for this new year.

A big step for many parents, especially the stars who immortalize the steps of their offspring on the way to their establishment. Like Sylvie Tellier, the former director of the Miss France committee, who was alongside her three children for their first day of school. “Back to school turned upside down but a back to school motivated !! Good luck to all and thank you for all your messages of sympathy”, she wrote under her publication on Instagram.

It was also a special start for Karine Ferri. For the return of her eldest son to the preparatory course, the facilitator sent him a beautiful message on her slate, as she posted it on her social network. “Welcome back to CP Maël. Time passes much too quickly. Good luck my love. PS: You are the strongest!!! We love you”, signed the host and her husband Yoann Gourcuff.

For Élodie Gossuin, the emotion was also there. The working mom has published a superb video montage where we discover photos of her four children. The older twins were taking their first steps in high school while the younger ones changed schools for CM1. A return to school that she dreaded a lot, as she explains in the pages of Gala.

“I hope they don’t experience a hidden period or find themselves socially isolated anymore, and that they can enjoy their adolescence. But yes, I am worried because I am also thinking of the other problems that can arise. like disappointments in love”, she tells our colleagues. “I’m also worried about my two little ones who are changing schools and entering CM1. But I’m here for them”. Back in pictures on the return to school of the children of stars through our slideshow.