Who knows what mysteries, memories and secrets Queen Elizabeth II is taking with her? On September 8, 2022, the late sovereign died at the age of 96. A sadly memorable day for the British people, whose daily lives are turned upside down by this tragic news. Since the death of the Crown, the press has had eyes only for her and, more particularly, for an enigmatic letter written by the queen herself… And will not be able to be read until 2085, as reported by The Daily Mail.

It all started in November 1986, when Elizabeth II was on an official trip to Sydney, Australia. She then visits the Queen Victoria Building, a building erected in the 19th century during the reign of Queen Victoria, of whom she is the descendant. Indeed, the building has just been renovated and is finally reopening its doors to the general public… A blow that the queen wanted to score by writing a secret missive in her own hand as a time capsule.

Nobody. It’s very simple: neither the family, nor the advisers, nor the Queen’s staff is aware of the content of the letter written on that winter day in 1986. It will only be discovered in about sixty years. But by whom? On the envelope, however, some instructions appear: the mail is intended for the Lord Mayor of Sydney, and must be opened on a day in the year 2085. “Please open this envelope and convey to the citizens of Sydney the message that I address”, will only show the queen.

To this day, the letter is still framed and kept in the Queen Victoria Building.