A week of celebration is coming for the British monarchy. From June 2 to 5, the United Kingdom will celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II marking her 70 years of reign. Incredible longevity for a crowned head still as popular with the English and around the world.

From her accession to the throne in 1952 to her coronation to the present day, Queen Elizabeth II has been the meeting of many personalities. Heads of state like our French presidents, but also media stars. From sport to culture to entertainment, she has shaken hands with several stars during her travels and receptions.

A privileged moment of which certain personalities keep an imperishable memory, like Carla Bruni who met the Queen of England as First Lady during the five-year term of her husband, President Nicolas Sarkozy. “It was extraordinary to meet the Queen of England because she is an extraordinary person”, confided the singer and Italian model in May 2021 in The secret box on France 3.

“He’s someone who makes you feel very, very good because well-bred people make you feel very good,” she continued facing Faustine Bollaert and her guests. Of her many visits with the British monarch to Windsor, Carla Bruni spoke of her most memorable memories. “I had a day with the wife of the ambassador of Great Britain where I had asked her all the habits and customs which are very amusing”, as Gala indicates. And, to list the gestures of propriety and dress codes to respect in front of the queen. From the gloves to the bow to the hat, the mother of Giulia and Aurélien put all the chances on her side to be appreciated by the queen.

The former catwalk star revealed Queen Elizabeth II’s fashion preferences. “She doesn’t like black, she doesn’t like white. It’s not worn there, so you can wear cream or navy blue. That’s what I did,” a- she concluded. In a less diplomatic context, stars like Jennifer Lopez or Lady Gaga did not hesitate to dare bright colors to look good in front of Her Majesty. Back in pictures on these meetings between the Queen of England and the stars in our slideshow.