The journalist is making the buzz in the midst of a fuel shortage. For several hours, a video of the public service journalist, Elise Lucet, has been around the web and for good reason, the star of Cash Investigation was filmed during an argument between two motorists. It must be said that for several days, France has been facing a significant shortage of fuel resulting from the strike of employees of the refineries of Total and Esso.

Faced with this unprecedented crisis, journalist Elise Lucet woke up very early to follow the adventures of motorists in the queue at gas stations in the capital. The France 2 reporter, followed by her cameramen, was filmed positioning herself between two drivers who seemed to be losing patience. “You don’t queue,” says the driver on the right. It was enough for Elise Lucet to step up to defend the other driver. “The lady there, she’s been queuing for three hours,” explained the journalist.

The video, viewed no less than 1.2 million times on the TikTok platform, quickly went viral. Contacted by Télé-Loisirs, Elise Lucet finally spoke, saying that this dispute had taken place last weekend for her program Envoyé Spécial. “Like everyone else, I stood in a queue for almost an hour last weekend. The motorists were very on edge (…) They were only looking at the gas pumps. Not me” , she explained and continued: “Frankly, it’s the life of most French people and I consider myself rather lucky compared to those who need a lot of fuel”.