Elisabeth Borne: what her astrological chart reveals about her personality


The stars are rich in lessons for anyone willing to take an interest in them. At least, if you believe in astrology. Most often, it is out of habit and curiosity that we look at our horoscope in the morning, just to see what the stars are “preparing” for us. But do we really believe it?

The Zodiac is divided into 12 signs, each of which has specific personality traits and behaviors. But the astral chart specific to everyone is much more complex than a simple sign: it lists the placement of all the major stars at the time of your birth, and can thus indicate your ascending sign, lunar sign, the position of Venus, Mars … To give you information on how you behave in society, alone, with friends, lovers, at work…

And even if nothing is ever fixed, and we can sometimes not recognize ourselves in it, the astral chart is often a precious tool to better understand ourselves, and, if you are rather curious, to identify others.

As such, we did the test of the stars with the newly appointed Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne. Here is what his astral chart reveals to us about his personality and his projects.

Elisabeth Borne, born on April 16, is Aries. This fire sign represents vitality, individuality, and creativity, according to cafesatrology.

It is also the first sign of the Zodiac: they therefore have the soul of a leader. “Aries are the first to start, and to finish, whatever they set out to do,” specifies the specialized site.

People born under this sign are usually active and full of energy. They also know how to be frank, and do things directly. What annoys them, on the other hand, is that the others do not follow.

Aries are very independent and determined. They like to challenge themselves. A portrait that seems to correspond to the idea that we have of the Prime Minister.

The cafeastrology site specifies: “She has a strong personality, an entrepreneurial spirit. She is very ambitious, stubborn, tenacious. Possible faults: nervous, impulsive, of a provocative nature, changeable and feverish.

But the sun sign isn’t the only thing to look at in a horoscope. Many other lesser-known placements can give valuable clues to the psyche of the Zodiac.

Elisabeth Borne’s moon sign is Gemini. According to cafestraology, people with their Moon in Gemini are charming, curious, and cultured people, although sometimes restless. “She has a great intelligence, and adapts to all situations and all groups. She enjoys working in contact with the public and traveling. Possible faults: lack of continuity in ideas, indecision, can reconsider these choices”, specifies the site.

Moreover, the placement of Mercury in Aries, in Elisabeth Borne, seems to confirm her fiery temperament: the planet represents her way of communicating, “lively, direct, sometimes aggressive or persuasive”.

On the emotional side, you have to look at Venus, which is also in Aries in the Prime Minister’s birth chart. This placement indicates a certain love of conquest, and a tendency to impulsive, even passionate behavior.

Another intriguing placement: at Elisabeth Borne, Mars is in Cancer: it is the planet of action. Concretely, this position can mean a form of passivity-aggressiveness.

But still: “She is often attracted by the resolution of problems: once these are settled, she will look into a new complication. She loves overcoming obstacles, can be tough, and possesses an entrepreneurial spirit. Above all, she can be stubborn, and even cold and calculating”. Details that seem to stick to the nicknames with which the new Prime Minister is given in the corridors of the ministries…

The cafeastrology site notes that Elisabeth Borne is entering a crucial period, where change is the order of the day. “This is a very important period in the development of the ego”, specifies the site.

Over the next few months, the Prime Minister will, according to astrological forecasts, take her responsibilities very seriously. “You will be devoted body and soul to your duties. You may be afraid of not being up to the task, of failing.” This pressure could lead to health problems in particular, according to cafeastrology. The site advises Elisabeth Borne “to show moderation, to carry out the essential tasks”.

According to the stars, the Prime Minister could also experience some conflicts with the opposite sex.

The period risks, in any case, to be intense for the head of government, who could show “selfishness and ambition”, explains the site.