Energy crisis, inflation… French households are increasingly being asked to consume better, and to consume less. To reduce your electricity bill but also to avoid possible cuts on the distribution networks, you should put in place a few simple but sometimes very effective eco-gestures.

For Olivier Véran, spokesperson for the government, “the time has come to change a certain number of our habits (…) you have a panel of 500, 600 measures which can have an impact on the planet and an impact on our energy consumption this winter”.

Before continuing: “I’ll give an example: you don’t run a washing machine at 6 p.m. in the middle of winter,” blows the former Minister of Solidarity and Health. But how to organize your schedule around energy savings?

To help you see more clearly, Planet has concocted an example of a typical day for you to spend the least energy but also and above all to avoid cuts. Putting your phone to charge early in the morning, scheduling your laundry… Find out in our slideshow below.

The peak hours / off-peak hours option may seem advantageous for many households… Only it is not systematically so, depending on your lifestyle. Indeed, it will only be beneficial for your wallet if you meet the following criteria: