Of Adi Hütter was not on the topic that was not up-to-date, to talk. On demand of the Eintracht coach, but then made no secret of the thing. One that may involve in one or other case sensitive. In terms of personnel, this is the Plan, the frankfurters, despite the excellent first half of the season in the winter break – both in the one as in the other direction.

“We need the squad to scour,” said Hütter, and set themselves the crucial questions: “What is good for us? Who can go all the way with us? And anyone who can’t respond the way maybe?“ Important in these Considerations, the future size of the bots. “We will internally discuss how the squad in the spring of 2019 should look like,” announced the head coach.

To date, no obligation minute of the game

The first person, Ellen stakes, have been in the Frankfurt apparently. On Tuesday, the Portuguese sports newspaper “Record” reported that the Concord will terminate the loan contract with Francisco Geraldes after the first half of the season ahead of time. A corresponding Agreement was reached with Sporting Lisbon. From performance – and injury reasons, no duty minute of the game, the 23-year-old midfielder on his work slip. Already in the pre-season Hütter hinted that the combat behavior of Geraldes and its pace may not be enough for the Bundesliga.

recently, the coach gave to understand that the technician was not an Option. In this respect, a change of club for both sides makes sense. A more likely exchange candidate also Marco Fabian. The 29-year-old Mexican was in the summer on the Bounce, to Fenerbahce Istanbul took at the last Moment, but still a distance from its obligation. Only a 63-minute use of Fabian in Dortmund would make the pain of separation for the Eintracht and the player in the Winter for comfort.

item four

crashed Anything other than the work situation for Felix Wiedwald. The sobering balance sheet of the goalkeeper shows zero minutes. Initially, as the number two brought in is Wiedwald crashed in the Ranking, now on Position four. Despite a contract until 2021, the time for the goalkeeper seems to be come active after a new task to look around. This view direction would also need to keep track of the two defender Simon Falette and Taleb Tawatha, as well as the striker Branimir Hrgota. On plenty of in-game minutes in Frankfurt, all three of them will not come today.

For Tawatha would be very interested in the Spanish first division club Levante UD. Marc Stendera, who is fighting for his Chance, the signs are still in separation. But maybe after this season, since the Spaniard Lucas Torro is after his groin surgery is still less. It is also conceivable that the harmony will soon to record for a defensive midfielder in their ranks. In the centre of defence could also be traded. The current failure of captain David Abraham (calf injury) pulls a qualitative gap in the coverage of the Association.