Edward Theuns (Make-Segafredo won, after a magnificent solo, and the First of the Classic. A first win in almost two years, the citizen of Ghent, who have a lot of it was in Blue. “Suddenly yelled Pedersen in the ear: “Go, Eddy, go!’.”

After the arrival and was Theuns to go with a Blue-beer-in-the-hand. A satisfied man that you saw. “My first win in almost two years, and I am very content”, founder of an open door. “I have felt for the last period of time have been very good, with Binck Bank, the Tour and the Vuelta a españa. But I got through the hard track, to my right. We will be in Koolskamp, I felt okay, and made me feel really comfortable.”

He was talking with Jasper Stuyven, who is entrusted to him, that he was before the attack would go in on the last few miles. “I was getting to the plug with the Mads (Pedersen, ed.). Suddenly, shouted in the ear: “Go, Eddy, go!”. Apparently, we had a hole in it. I just went and filled up at Jasper, hoping that, together, we could go on, but Stuyven said to me that he couldn’t. He gave it all in the last turn and the bridge to bounce back on our way.” He gave a strong solo, very nicely packed. “I am still, however, have rarely been as tense about the meet to come. In the last straight line, and I was looking for, as it was difficult with the wind on the head. The pack can also be fast, the rear will come with a high-speed, so I wasn’t sure of it.”

you can an Excellent plumbing finished. “The mood was very good this morning, so we took over the game with the initiative. This is a thank you to the team, after a difficult season last year, however, the team did.” However, it had to be the winner of the day will be solved when the world cup men, full on the Moskesstraat. “Jasper, it was so bad, I had to just adapt to it. But it all came back together, and then Deceuninck-Quick-Step, the quantity of the samenhield a place in the final with our point of attack. Oh, and I’m very happy.”

More about Edward Theuns Long tour of spain-stage of today, riders will shudder, fortunately, makes for some hilarious sketch for the derivation of the Edward Theuns still need to recover from a fall in the tour of spain, “Women chose to pack for a quiet day” Edward Theuns to start in the eleventh stage of the Vuelta a españa in spite of the heavy fall in the trial of Edward Theuns is a heavy fall in the time trial in the tour of spain, the damage seems to be to fall to