Computer is the primary source of new income within the United States, offering a route to high-paying, fast-growing careers

Computers and related technology such as smartphones and tablets have become a key facet of our everyday lives, and that fact is reflected on jobs in the U.S. today.

Jobs in the field of computer science tend to be among the most highly paid careers in the nation, and the field itself is also expanding and offering endless opportunities to fresh graduates.

Public schools in Santa Fe have taken the decision to help students develop a competitive advantage in preparation for their entry into the workforce by enabling high school students to select from a variety of coding and computer science classes.

Santa Fe’s school district also founded Innovate Academy, a pathway for high school students aspiring to work in the fields of engineering or computer science to try out different career paths.

Santa Fe strives to promote and garner interest in technology and science in general from students of all ages

Certain high school students are designated as “ambassadors” of technology and science, to promote education among their younger peers about technology and science in general and appealing career paths in the fields.

The school district has also worked tirelessly to try to expand access to technology and technology-related education opportunities for any and all students in the Santa Fe community through the program Education Technology Note.

The program is funded and supported by the community, and volunteers and advocates of ETN aspire to generate interest from young students in technology through including it into standard public school curricula.

Technology is integrated into schools from kindergarten all the way up to graduation, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that Santa Fe graduates will enter the work-force as tech-savvy professionals even if a career in technology is not their first choice.

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