more and more children go to private schools, meanwhile, there is every eleventh. And while there are always fewer schools in Germany, to constantly make new private schools: 5800 there are now, at the turn of the Millennium, there were only 3200. Fits to the data of the Federal Statistical office, a different number came up this week, this time by Forsa.

The survey, the Institute has investigated which institutions the German trust. Result: The schools fell compared to the previous year by ten percentage points. It is obvious that this is mainly due to the poor Image of public schools. The private schools fill a gap, the demand is high, supply increases. That sounds harmless, but behind it is a Problem. Because education is the responsibility of the state. He must not give up.

in Accordance with the principle of risk minimization

It starts with the facades. Parents who choose a school, the private school and see: the fresh plaster with brass letters above the entrance. In front of the public: Seventy-years-washing the concrete and the stump has become one of the window glass. The child looks at the broken glass on the yard and repeated the words of Charlotte from the 4c that there are only assisting to take drugs.

of Course, the judgment of Charlotte (or rather: their parents) say as little about the true education of how the facade. How well the teaching is how the teacher is involved, whether the AG is good, and the lunch tastes good, know the parents, if the child attends the school. Before that you collect as many clues as possible. While private schools are often better.