The good Friday a Federal in Germany is holiday. He enjoys as a so-called “Silent day” even more special protection by the prohibition of various public events, such as sports, restaurants, sporting events or dance events. This is due to the fact that every fourth German is a Protestant and it is for this the highest Church holiday.

Martin Hock

editor in the economy.

F. A. Z.

the situation is Different in some Catholic country like the neighbors of Austria, where only about 3 percent of the population belong to the Evangelical Church. As for the Catholic Church, good Friday was already in the middle ages, only a half-day holiday, between 1642 and in 1965, he was regarded as a business day. In Austria, the good Friday is, therefore, only for members of Evangelical churches and old Catholics holiday. This special arrangement aims to enable the members of these churches, the exercise of their Religion, without the need for a leave agreement with their employer to meet. A working pair of one of these churches on good Friday, he is entitled to additional holiday pay.

No extra sausage for Protestants

The will need to make a change now. After the court of appeal saw Vienna as early as 2016, a breach of the EU equal treatment Directive, confirmed by the European court of justice (ECJ) on Tuesday of this view. The granting of a paid celebration belonging to the day on good Friday in Austria alone, for those workers, the particular churches, a Union of legally prohibited discrimination on the basis of religious affiliation.

as Austria had amended its legislation to restore equal treatment, the obligation of private employers, to give other workers a paid holiday on good Friday, provided these occur with the concerns to him, to this day does not work. Otherwise, must be paid an additional remuneration.