Easier descent in the Index: In Germany, the corruption grows


    corruption and bribery to take according to a survey in Germany. Leaders of the international economy, gave the Federal Republic of Germany in the corruption perception index of Transparency International with a view on the economy and public administration, worse than in the previous year. Germany slipped, therefore, in the on Tuesday published rating slightly – but is still far above the international average.

    “Obviously, the impression that you can promote using unfair methods in Germany shops exists here,” said Transparency-chair Edda Müller in Berlin. The scandals of the major German corporations had the Faith of the people in the rule of law crumble.

    Romania Rwanda

    With a view to the whole world, the experts drew a sobering conclusion. While the fight against corruption in most countries is stagnating, there is in some countries “significant steps”. More than two-thirds of the States would not even get 50 out of a possible 100 points. The global average with only 43 points. Germany lost in comparison to the previous year, one point and came up with 80 points. In America, corruption in business and state institutions is perceived as a “growing Problem”.

    it is noticeable that the citizens of the EU member States Romania and Bulgaria are more likely to suffer from government corruption than, for instance, people in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Rwanda. Circuit is light, as in previous years, Somalia. The rarest experience of the people against corruption in Denmark, new Zealand and Finland.