the five-year period, the number of butcher shops and specialty stores in the us, the country with the 7.3% decline. Over the past ten years even with a reduction of 20 per cent, it is evident from an analysis of the Saturday of the Neutral Syndicate for the self-employed (NSZ), on the basis of the figures of the statistical agency Statbel.

In 2018, there were 3.432 butcher shops or specialty stores) in Belgium. There are 356 fewer than in 2013. “This means that we have in our country each and every week, more than one of the butchers to disappear,” said NSZ president Christine Mattheeuws. In 2008, there were 4.270, independent butcher shops and delis.

now, The NSZ will see several possible reasons for this trend, among others, the global trend is to reduce the amount of meat to eat. “Due to an environmental consciousness is to turn the consumers are more into other products, such as peas and beans, which are also protein-containing.”

Mattheeuws is that it becomes more and more difficult for the butchers to find out who has a business start up or an existing shop, would like to take over, partly because of the many checks by the authorities, and the competition from supermarkets. “It’s as if all of the self-employed, have a butchers, with a lot of red tape and they will be subjected to detailed inspections by the belgian food safety agency. This will increase the amount of work and number of working hours, which for many is not feasible.”

in addition, turn to the course of study for a lot of young people, not at all. “In addition, visitors are attracted by the convenience stores (not yet, anyway) a graduate of butchers and reduce the number of independent butcher shops, and the risk increases as existing business can no longer be acquired,” said Christine Mattheeuws.

however, There are significant regional differences. In both Flanders and Wallonia, there was a five-year, and a decrease, respectively, with 7.9 pc and to 8.3 pct. In Brussels, there was a slight increase of 2.8 per cent. “In the capital city, there is a high demand for halal butchers, which is probably a partial explanation for this increase.”

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