Saxony-Anhalt SPD chief Burkhard Lischka has surprisingly declared its withdrawal from the Bundestag. He will give up his mandate in the second half of the year, said the interior expert of the SPD group in the Bundestag on Thursday afternoon.

“My goal was always to make me never entirely from the main official policy-dependent and, at some time in my old profession as a notary public return.” Now is the opportunity to take a notary in his hometown of Magdeburg, because the previous incumbent retiring offer.

He would exercise until his departure from the Bundestag mandate “with full force”, and even more for the SPD to engage, announced Lischka.

The 53-year-old politician sitting since October 2009, for the social Democrats in the Bundestag. He has for some time been in the group Executive Board and spokesman. For the week beginning Lischka had announced its withdrawal from the Post as SPD-chief, a position he held since April of 2016. He does not want to run in the next Board election.