Due to the dry spring mosquitoes of money for low levels on the lake Sihl due for SBBDie SBB do not need to pay as the operator of the hydroelectric plant at the factory on the Sihl to a fine, because of the level achieved in the prior 80 years, agreed.0 KommentareEin boat dock on the lake Sihl at Euthal, Canton of Schwyz, where it will be on Thursday, 16. April 2020 was as dry as rare in recent years. Photo: Urs Füeler/Keystone

Since 1937, the SBB has a concession to produce at the lake Sihl power. It also includes an agreement that comes since the beginning of June for years, once again, to Bear is. 2500 Swiss francs do not have to pay for the power plant operators the district of Einsiedeln for every day of the Sihlsee, the jam rate is achieved.

The penalty payment is since 1. June is due, such as an SBB spokesman confirmed on request, and a message of “NZZ on Sunday”. The agreed level should be in the next few days, resulting in a “mosquito money” of around 20’000 Swiss francs. The pumped storage power plant is operated with water from the lake Sihl. If necessary, water from the lake of Zurich in the Sihl pumped.

the Background of the well around the unique clause in the contract: If the lake level is too low, the muddy bottom of the lake on the Shores swarms of mosquitoes. The residents of lake Sihl fear that mosquitoes could be found swarms of gigantic nesting sites.

for the First time, eleven years, was re –

all Too often the SBB must, however, because of the blood suckers compensation make. The last time this was eleven years ago. An “old hat” is not the mosquitoes of money but in spite of its long history.

it was Only in February SBB and grantor of the concession after six years of negotiations, had agreed on the terms for a new concession for the plant, which supplies ten per cent of the Swiss railway electricity and is of strategic importance with its location in the greater Zurich area.

So the SBB will be about the controversial wants to rehabilitate cell viaduct, and more power for Free need to make. The mosquitoes of money of the new concession contract provides for even higher fines. In the summer the minimum level of the lake Sihl of 887,34 feet above the sea, shall continue to apply. The Fines per day are between 20’000 and 45’000 Swiss francs


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