Due to formal concerns: the government Committee of inquiry blocked to the consultant affair


the establishment of The investigation Committee to the consultant affair in the Federal Ministry of defence is for the time being, stopped. The application had been referred with the majority of the Grand coalition and vote in the AfD for the examination to the Committee on rules of procedure, informed the Committee representatives of the Opposition on Wednesday in Berlin. It is to be taken due to the formal concerns of the Union and the SPD, the formulation of the examination assignment under the magnifying glass.

The three opposition parties criticised the decision during the ongoing session of the defense Committee, sharply. They threw the Union and the SPD, not to be a transparent explanation ready.

the “Flimsy pretext”

“Unfortunately, the process for the Committee of inquiry begins with blockages of the ‘Grand coalition'”, criticized the Left-the Deputy Alexander. Which is not in line with the requirement of defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, the facts of the case quickly and transparently. “This is not a good Start.”

The FDP-MEP Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann threw the CDU and the SPD on Twitter a Blockade of the Committee of inquiry “totally specious a pretext”. The behavior of the Grand coalition was “pathetic”.


The Committee of inquiry is to educate the millions of expensive use of external experts under the Minister of defence Ursula von der Leyen (CDU). The three opposition parties have submitted 16 questions. You have to aim at the clarification of who has exercised control, the harm to the taxpayer and how violations can be prevented in future.

in Addition, it is the so-called characteristic ratios, so a suspicion of nepotism, but also the fundamental clarification of the cost-effectiveness. The use of professionals cost a three-digit million amount.