in the Midst of the dispute with the Democrats over the border wall to Mexico, President Donald Trump is planning a speech to the Nation, and a trip to the border region. Trump announced on Monday via Twitter his TV speech for Tuesday night in Prime time (21 PM Eastern time, 03 am CET on Wednesday). The topic will be the situation on the border. The White house had previously already explained, Trump will continue on Thursday in the border region. Details would be announced.

In the United States raging for months, a dispute between trump is the Republicans and the Democrats. Trump wants to build at the Mexico border, a wall, and justifies this on the grounds of national security. Around two weeks ago, the argument escalated, because Trump for the wall, calls in a budget of five billion dollars. The Democrats, on the consent of Trump is instructed to reject the project. Thus, the budget is not adopted. In it are included also funds for a number of authorities, who had to stop their work. Trump has threatened to stay with the theme of hard, and the so-called Shutdown of the government to, if necessary, over the years.