Dubious Big donors: the AfD shall submit the names of 14 of the alleged donors


According to the dubious donations from Switzerland to the AfD, the party of the Bundestag has submitted to management the names of 14 persons behind the grants. This was confirmed from party circles after several media had reported about it. The list therefore contains the names of 14 of the EU citizens, most of them are German.

more Concrete to Specify the party did not. An AfD spokesman said: “To Express an ongoing process.” According to information of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”, “WDR”, “NDR” and “tages-Anzeiger” also left the Bundestag administration a request unanswered.

In the matter was AfD parliamentary group boss, Alice ryegrass under pressure. Your party had confirmed last November that in 2017 around 130,000 euros were transferred from a Swiss pharmaceutical company in several tranches at the AfD-kreisverband lake Constance. As the purpose of election campaign donation Alice rye was given: “”. The money was paid back according to the figures, in the spring of 2018.

New reports on additional payments

donations of Non-EU citizens to German political parties are illegal. The Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz had opened investigative proceedings against the Bundestag faction boss ryegrass and three members of their County Association. This is the initial suspicion of a violation of the party law. After the presentation of the AfD-party circles 14 people are said to have made a total of 17 individual donations. The highest donation was 8138,18 Euro.

Originally, the Board of Directors of the Swiss pharmaceutical company, had declared, according to “WDR”, “NDR”, “Süddeutscher Zeitung” and the “tages-Anzeiger”, the managing Director of the company have transferred the money “in a fiduciary capacity for a business friend”. Now, the research on composite quotes of the Board of Directors with the statement that it is out of his knowledge, why, first from a single donor, the speech was.