E-Bike is changing the world. Or rather: the forest. In this specializ Eden case is a particularly spectacular kind. Because what is built by Americans, and of their discerning clientele, the very appearance of a work of art. Idiosyncratic Design, the only of a visible shock, the lack of speedo on nudity unmistakably the end of the line of the handlebars, the pure bar display on the top tube and the battery be laminated to the carbon frame – all this makes the new Turbo Levo Expert on first glance, unusual. And sexy. It was the task of the developers is quite simple: Makes the 2015 featured success model even more successful. Whether the success of the sale numbers, we are not able to say it, but if the driving behavior meets the highest standards, very probably: Yes. And how.

Holger Appel

editor in the business, responsible for the “technology and Motor”.

F. A. Z.

Specialized 150 mm of travel provides the front and rear, and 29-inch wheels, and the wheel initially unwieldy appearance. It is, but only if it has to be transported in the trunk of the car. These are about 22 kilograms, is a massive task alone is hard to cope with, without having to then scratch, sheet, or Bike, or intervertebral disc complain. Once in his Element, to forget the troubles. The Turbo Levo moves with remarkable agility, the forest trails up and challenging off-road passages. The Brose-supplied drive is crushed magnesium wrapped into the bottom bracket, that not a hair can fit in between. Its development does not detract from, the responses are smooth, linear, predictable and without stuttering. However, it takes a little bit of Rotation on the Pedal to get machine support. In arg steep passages to the companion amusing contortions may result during the start-up attempt. Eleven courses and 250 Watt nominal assistance in the Council of Europe. Up to 25 km/h the force of a calf, in addition, E-Bike, will Travel-to the load, and the buddy with his older Yamaha electrics is annoying 3 km/h faster. The Brose-Motor-super-whirring quietly.


Recharge succeeds to the always filthy dock at the bottom of the frame, clever way plug and socket to pull magnetically and engage only in the correct Position. Overnight, the battery that there are 500 or 700 Wh is full again, and put him in a Tag is empty, it requires real long trips, or many, very many mountains. Which by the way is a true profit, thanks to the electrical aid of the sensing radius increases, the week of ultimate trip opened up new perspectives. The temptation is to insert every challanging opportunity in the turbo mode, he’s ironed out nearly all the hills flat, but who want to as a semi-active by move, chooses a level of Support lower.