the schaatsliefhebbers we still need to wait for the official start of the new season. On the 1st of november in Heerenveen, the netherlands in the World Cup Qualifier in the program. Two weeks later, the first world cup held in Minsk. In the Netherlands, starting with the nerves, in the meantime, to be on the increase, and there will be even hoped for in a Tour.

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It is now up to each and every year’s the same old story. Our schaatsgekke Neighbors keep our fingers crossed she is on time for the first Tour since 1997, when it was won by Henk Angenent. The previous summer they were even in the wake of a Race in the water rather than on it. The Dutch olympic swimming champion Maarten van der Weijden, swam, after all, are Elfstedenzwemtocht, for a distance of 200 miles.

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In 2012, the be all of be in the direction of a new version of ice cream. The 22-rayonhoofden, or ijswijzen, and the board of directors came together in order to see if the Race was to take place. More than 70 of the Belgians were prepared to take part in it, but a contest came to nothing. Also, by 2018, there was a lot of. “The ice may be off of the fat!!!”, a voice in the Leeuwarder Courant, for the start of the Siberian cold wave with the already mentioned freezing temperatures. But even then, no success at all.

“For a Course, you have at least ten days, at a temperature of minus 15 degrees celsius at night is necessary,” said Jean-Nico, Almey, a member of the Royal Association of The Frisian Eleven Cities of that time. “The eleven cities Tour is a 200-kilometer ice-cream is required. Is not self-evident.”

“It would have been”

now is The winter of 2019 and is not immediately in front of the door, but in the Netherlands it is almost a sacred term that is already in the mouth is taken. So said the famous Frieze of the weather man, Piet Paulusma, a few days ago from The Telegraph: “This Race is going to come!”

Photo: REUTERS < / P> there is also a hope: Antoinette de Jong. The 24-year-old langebaanschaatster Jumbo-Visma will begin this weekend with its season on the national championship teams. In her blog, he expressed a two-time olympic medalist, two-time world champion and the European champion all-round in Heerenveen, her hopes for a new Course.

“for The past few weeks I have spent a lot of rainy miles on the bike and in a lot of circles is rotated on the Vessel,” says De Jong. “Inclement and wet weather is the fall, and the ever-shortening days of hint as to the coming of the winter season. Last time I caught somewhere that it’s the most severe winter that I have ever seen. That would be great frozen in water and, who knows, once again, a Tour of tours? Oh well, we’ll see, all too often, the predictions are yet again being revised.”

“The day after the national championship, the clubs I go to Inzell, we will be with the team for a training camp running from two weeks to. Last year we had training camp in October, sunny, and we were able to even a short-cycling, and drinking coffee in the evening. For the next period of time, the expectation is quite consistent, and that means that, unfortunately, every day in the rain. After with beautiful view it is, it’s only two weeks until the World Cup qualifiers. That is, the first weekend of november, now is the time to be really fast, what it sounds like.

here’s what you need to be a Race:

the 22nd united rayonhoofden

Only if all of the 22 rayonhoofden the green light to turn, there is the Tour of the place. The rayonhoofden, one for each (sub)village, the tour passes through, will be responsible for the ice on their piece of course.

15 inch ice cream

it’s been a couple of times to close it was, it has to do with the difference in the ice between the north and the south of the Dutch province of Friesland. In many cases this is the ice in the north is perfect, but not elsewhere. It is only when the ice is everywhere 15 cm thick, which is considered to be safe for all participants. There are times when nature is given a helping hand by ijstransplantaties, the blocks of ice that had not yet frozen water.

1 are correct, Friesch openingszinnetje

“It sil heve.” “It giet oan.” With a sense of tragedy,/it, – speaks the chairman of the Royal Association of The Frisian Eleven Cities and towns time and time again to be a legendary way, as the Race goes on. Is, of course, is also the current chairman Wiebe Wieling, whether in a formulation, have in mind, assuming that it ever comes up. The rumors are that he’s going to reveal the secret only to his wife to share. There is only one requirement, according to the schaatshistoricus Marnix Koolhaas. “The sentence has to be phrased in a grammatically correct Series.”

340 racers, the 30,000 amateur

in The Course are, in practice, there are two: one is for the racers – well, for example, Bart and Swings, and the so-called ride-out. The wedstrijdtocht is driven by 220 for men and 120 for women. The circuit may, more than 30,000 candidates will take part in, and everyone since 2014 and is registered with the Association of the Eleven Cities and towns.

In 1997, there were around 16,000, which is to be selected at random and were.