at Least 30 people had been hospitalized in the hospital of the Italian government, organization of Emergency in the Afghan capital, informed the organization on Twitter. Also, a dead child was brought into the hospital.

Afghan authorities have confirmed that there have been victims. Information on the Numbers they made.

voters fled after an Explosion from a school in the North of the city in which they wanted to vote for the repeatedly postponed parliamentary elections, as an AFP Journalist reported. Witnesses also reported other explosions in several other polling stations.

man has had to "beasts"

A man told AFP he had to deliver in school just his voice, but then after an Explosion, "to run for his life". He had seen several victims are brought to safety had been.

Also from other Parts of Afghanistan were reported in the Saturday attacks. In several provinces, bombs have to be at polling stations to explode. In the Northern city of Kunduz were fired, according to police reports, three rockets. Reports on casualties were not initially in front of.

Meanwhile, the vote was delayed in many places. The election Commission on the grounds that the election workers employees teachers appeared in a timely manner.

70,000 security forces on election day in the use of

In Afghanistan called on Saturday around 8.9 million registered voters, about a new Parliament. The radical Islamic Taliban had threatened attacks during the vote. Already in the election campaign, there had been several deadly attacks.

Because of the tense security situation in the run-up to more than 2000 polling stations closed. Around 70,000 security forces on election day.

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