The third stage of the Tour of Croatia will, in the name of Yevgeniy Gidich. The Kazach of the Palm showed in the docked drive to be the fastest on a smaller stage and I got it in Makarska croatia to the Slovenian Grega Bole (saudi arabia-Merida), and the Australian Alex Edmondson (Mitchelton Scott).

Benjamin Hill, Mark Wildauer, Robert Jägeler, Lars van den Berg, Dominik Hrinikow and Stephan Rabitsch became the stage to move in for a one night stopover. The wind, however fierce it blew up, the stage was neutralized and stopped.

the riders were in the car and go to Brela to put. There was a lengthy discussion of whether the game should be continued, and it eventually became a plan ” B ” is started. The riders had a 47-km races to the finish line in Vodice. The front was a bonus, if so, in the past, from the start, but the mountain Biokovo, a 5.3-mile, or 5.3%, were still On the Mountain, and Rabitsch, but the peloton is not far away.

Adam Yates attacked on the flank, but it did not get completely away from it all. Eventually, Victor de la Parte, Davide Villella, and Mauro Finetto have the connection, but a lot of relief and took that effort on. On the way down and turned back many of the riders back. Most of the men were thrown overboard, and it was a sprint of a thinned peloton. Therein, it showed Gidich his quick feet. He also takes the leader’s jersey from Eduard Grosu. It was his second win of the season after winning the Asian championship.

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