Study by the Harvard University – Donald trump’s malaria funding increased in Covid-19 the sterblickeit hydroxychloroquine help to prevent the Coronavirus, claimed the US President. A large-scale investigation now proves the Kommentar1Bislang masks provide the only meaningful protection against the Coronavirus. Photo: Daniel Mears (Keystone)

just a few days ago, US President, Donald Trump declared that he is the antimalarial hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of Covid-19 engaging. Now a global study with 96’000 Covid-19-patients shows that those who were treated with the drug had a higher mortality rate.

The two Antimalarials hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine have been shown in patients who were hospitalized with Covid-19, of no Use, said Mandeep Mehra, the head of the Center for Andvanced Heart Disease at the University of Harvard in Boston, according to a news release from the University hospital of Zurich from Friday.

on the contrary, The data pointed to an increased risk of death. So 11.1% of the patients had been treated with one of the two drugs died, in the hospital. In a comparison with a control group, taking into account the age, gender and risk factors, the mortality rate was 9.3 percent.

risk for heart arrhythmias

in Addition, you have an increased risk for heart rhythm disorders at Covid-19-patients were treated with one of the two drugs, particularly in patients with heart disease. A new rhythm disturbance of the heart heard between four and eight percent of the malaria-means-treated patients compared with 0.3 percent in the control group.

the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, there is thus “no scientific evidence”, said Frank Ruschitzka, head of cardiology at the heart center of the University of Zurich. The two agents should not be used, therefore, in the case of Covid-19, before the results of further studies were available.

The research team from the Harvard Medical School evaluated in collaboration with the Department of cardiology at the heart center of the University hospital of Zurich, global, observational study in 96’000 Covid-19-patients in 671 hospitals around the world. Nearly 15’000 of them had been treated with malaria drugs early after the onset of the disease. The results were published in the journal “The Lancet”.

In Switzerland at the time of 17 hospitals to a global study by the world health organization (WHO), of the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine tested will take part.

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