Huge debts. Dominique Tapie, the wife of businessman Bernard Tapie – who died on October 3, 2021 – had to repay 600 million euros in debts left by her husband, explains BFMTV. Ruined, she now lives with a pension of 800 euros per month and the help of her family, after having sold almost all of this real estate and her shares in the companies then owned by her husband.

First, it was ordered jointly and severally to reimburse the 403 million euros in the dispute with Crédit Lyonnais, to which are added penalties for non-payment of 200 million euros, or 80,000 euros per day. To find this sum, Dominique Tapie had to sell many properties, such as the private mansion that the couple owned in Paris, worth 80 million euros, as well as the house in Saint-Tropez for 82 million euros. euros. Apartments she had inherited from her grandparents were also sold. According to BFMTV, she also had to part with the shares that her husband held in the newspaper La Provence, up to 81 million euros. Finally, it would also have sold life insurance, for 120 million euros.

In all, these various sales would have allowed the Tapie family to recover 400 million euros, but they are unable to reimburse the penalties for non-payment and request postage, adds the television channel. With her pension of 800 euros, Dominique Tapie is housed in Paris in an apartment paid for by her friend Jean-Louis Borloo, but “her children intend to take over soon and help her with her daily expenses”, concludes BFMTV.