the Starting point, Proximus CEO Dominique Leroy, had in June been in contact with telecom on top some day. That is reported by the Dutch newspaper, the NRC, on the basis of the high-ranking sources in the Dutch telecoms company. That revelation casts a new light on the case of the sale of Ation shares issued to Leroy. The Dutch investors had earlier on Friday to let you know that the Oil for them was not to start as the CEO of KPN in Belgium, there is an investigation into insider trading for her.

now that KPN had been in June and already been in touch with Dominique Leroy as the new topvrouw-to-be. Leroy loved to be in the first instance, to the boat, however, when KPN, a few weeks later, we asked, was she still on the call. This interview was at the end of July, so by NRC.

“We’ll have her by the end of June, for the first time to be approached,” says a high-ranking source inside the company, the newspaper reported. “That’s when she said I had to think about it. We may have to come back later to talk. At the end of July, there will be a discussion with a wide range of topics: “What is your vision of leadership?’, ‘What do you look for in a company and WORK?’.”

insider transactions

the Oil is also under fire for the sale of a parcel of shares and there is an investigation into insider trading. After the Oil is on the 5th of september and her departure had been announced to the company, as it became known that she was a month earlier, a package of Ation shares were sold at a value of more than 285.000 euros. Beurswaakhond FSMA has started an investigation into the share transaction. With the departure of a key person in a company is its price-sensitive information.

at the Beginning of september and told Leroy that, as the sale of shares release of her departure. At the end of July, she has been given the task of getting her bank to sell shares. At that time, had to Adjust to the not have decided to Proximus-to-left. “I was in a meeting to discuss the renewal of my contract with Proximus, and had a number of discussions with various third parties, including KPN”.

According to the Dutch newspaper NRC had a conversation with telecom at the time of the trades already in the form of a formal application. Also, she brought KPN to be used during the call at the end of July, not aware that she was working for her to sell shares.

Investors skeptical

you should Normally Oil company at an extraordinary general meeting held on the 28th of October, will be hired. However, for the Dutch investors, may be that the appointment does not proceed. “It is our hope that such will not occur before this is all finished,” said Paul Koster, chairman of the of 42,000-person strong, or VEB. “I hope it will, and KPN, and the board of directors of the sensitivity of this view. That is, they understand that it’s not a good idea to have someone who just visits to the home have been made to believe, as there is as yet no final judgment of the FSMA (the Belgian beurswaakhond, ed. ), or the ministry of justice.”

According to Koster, the new chief executive officer become immediately one-hundred percent to the management of KPN to be able to establish that, for a lot of difficult challenges, such as the investment in the 5G state. “You can’t be distracted by other things.”

“crash course in Dutch calvinism necessary.

According to the Clerk, Leroy is located at Proximus has indeed been proven, but it is the sale of a block of shares as a as a serious error of judgement. “Well, you’re still in the process of negotiations about a possible departure from Proximus, as a CEO, you need to remember that this is a sensitive issue. Even if it is just a open period of time in which you have shares may be sold, that then it is better to you are subject to a final decision is taken. Leroy told me that they had three years to wait for the sale of the shares, then there is still half a year to have it done. You should be doing at that point, the most sensitivity is expected.”

our insider Trading in the Netherlands is a very sensitive topic, as there are already a number of sensational cases have been around. Also had to Adjust the need to know, according to the Dutch business newspaper, the het Financieele Dagblad for the last week. According to the commentary of the newspaper, and puts Oil and the profits from its sale of shares should be ‘ in for a crash course in Dutch calvinism”.

KNP doesn’t want to know of the delay

you can’t think of a protest to the appointment of Leroy, will be blocked. The appointment of a chief executive officer, is a decision made by the board of directors shall be taken, and there has been no vote by the shareholders is required. KPN showed Friday, as you all know, that appointment would simply be to continue.

the Clerk realizes that he is, in that case, just call the line. “We will vote at the meeting, and to hear it,” he said. “The most important task of the board is a chief executive officer to be appointed. It could not be determined, the very elegant to get.”

for More about Dominique Leroy, All of the contact between the Dutch KPN and the Oil is in June, Also in justice, taking from Leroy at the target: to conduct a search at home and at the office, Search for Proximus topvrouw, Dominique Leroy, the Minister of Telecom and De Backer: “we had the best candidate-successors, and for Proximus, the CEO and the Oil is within the current compensation”