The Vermont State Police used advanced DNA sequencing techniques in identifying a sample that was found during their investigation into the disappearance of a 17 year-old girl from Montgomery in 2004. police stated Friday.

Investigators claim that identifying the source DNA near the abandoned car of Brianna maitland doesn’t mean that they have found a suspect in her disappearance.

Detective Sgt. Angela Baker, lead investigator, stated that they are working hard to find every possible lead in this case and are constantly looking for technological advancements to help us. Angela Baker released a statement. “The use genetic genealogy to identify DNA discovered 18 years ago is only one example of the detectives’ continued efforts to find every possible lead in this case.”

Brianna was last seen at work on March 19, 2004. She had just left the Black Lantern Inn, Montgomery. She was supposed to go to her friend’s home, but she didn’t arrive.

Her 1985 Oldsmobile, which was about one mile away from the restaurant, was found backed into an abandoned building the next day. Later, the DNA sample was found close to the car.

According to police, there is no evidence that Brianna fled the area and they believe she was victim to foul play.

The FBI added the DNA from Brianna’s car to their DNA database. It was compared with samples from 11 other people interested in the case but there was no match.

The state police sent samples to Othram in the fall 2020. Othram is a Texas-based, forensic sequencing laboratory. Othram has also set up a fundraising webpage for the investigation.

Police were able to locate, interview and obtain DNA samples from potential donors after months of investigations.

These DNA samples were sent to Vermont Forensic Laboratory. They confirmed that the DNA of one of the individuals was identical to the DNA found near Brianna’s vehicle.

Anyone with tips or other information that might in any way be relevant to the investigation should contact Detective Baker at, or submit an anonymous tip online.