A proposal by Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), in order to allow more deportations, in the great coalition conflicts. Inner politicians of the Union defended against the F. A. for example, the idea of deportation detainees in the same prisons as prisoners. The reason for this is the high number of repayments, which did not fail in the deportation of foreigners and on the day of the deportation. In the last year of 31,000 deportations had not taken place because the individuals concerned appeared or disappeared, said the CDU-interior politicians, Armin Schuster, the F. A. Z. “as a result, each of the third deportation is a failure.”

Markus Wehner

Political correspondent in Berlin.

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more removals, should the time of departure, will be subject to foreigners in a separate wing of the prisons housed, said Schuster. “It is more sensible to use the existing capacity than to build new prisons.” In recent years, many immigration detention centres were closed; Berlin and Brandenburg, for example, have institution of any such detention. Nationwide, there are only 420 detention places. According to a draft paper by the Ministry of the interior, the strict Separation of accommodation of inmates and immigration detainees to be soaked. The European court of justice had required in 2014 such separate accommodation.

The SPD inner politician Burkhard Lischka expressed skepticism about the proposal. A General repeal of the separation of bid is “not possible for legal reasons,” he told this newspaper. “This should also know Mr Seehofer.” Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) said in the Germany radio, the separation between immigration detention and criminal custody must be adhered to.