Has the dishwasher given up the ghost? However, now is not the time… Because inflation is now attacking the household appliances in our homes. According to an INSEE study transcribed by Le Parisien, the price increase is particularly noticeable on certain kitchen appliances.

This is particularly the case for the cost of a refrigerator, which has increased by 11% in one year. Also the price of an oven which has increased by 10% and 4% for this famous machine which washes your plates, glasses and cutlery automatically.

Grégory Caret, director of the UFC-Que Choisir consumer observatory explains: “Inflation has caught up with all the other parts of the economy since this summer, including household equipment, with an increase never seen in our readings”.

So inevitably, it is better to try to keep what works properly for as long as possible.

Planet has produced the slideshow below which ranks the brands whose dishwashers are the most durable, according to the barometer of L’eclaireur de la Fnac. This ranking is established by the sustainability index. Itself is calculated by the recorded breakdown rate and the repairability of this household appliance (the repair rate, the availability and the price of parts). These are data collected from 3 studies by Fnac and Darty.

Perhaps we should be satisfied with a fairly classic and not modern dishwasher… At the risk of ending up like this young woman in Germany, reports 20 Minutes, stuck in the bathroom because of this device.