Rani Hong was only seven years old when she was kidnapped by human traffickers in southern India. Later, you grew up then in the case of adoptive parents in the United States. Today, Hong is fighting as Chairman of the Board of the organization Freedom Seal in Dialog with governments and businesses against trafficking in human beings and against other forms of slavery.

Gerald Braunberger

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“It must be considered not only the financial costs of economic crime,” said Hong at a meeting of the media group Refinitiv on the sidelines of the world economic forum in Davos. “The human costs are also significant.”

As the outright outrageous, they considered the penalties that traffickers expect, especially in Southeast Asia. “Many are after six months of prison to walk free,” she says.

human trafficking is also a financial crime. “Some of the criminals off credit cards in the names of their victims, so as to hide illegal payments,” said Hong. “Others use their victims as drug couriers.” Some criminals use modern forms of technology. “Between Criminals on the one hand, and the financial houses, and government Agencies on the other hand, a technological betting takes place upgrade,” reported Tim Adams, the President of the Institute of International Finance (IIF), especially by international banks-supported organization.

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The impression that the criminals often have a head start in front of the fighters against the crime, not wanted to talk to Adams: “There are countries where regulators do not even know what Artificial intelligence is.”

Figures on criminal money movements in the world are not very reliable. According to estimates, it is washed in the annual money in the value between 800 and 2000 billion dollars; the equivalent of 2 to 5 percent of annual economic output. The large companies today, around 3 per cent of their turnover for the fight against crime – and the trend is rising.

But the education rates remain low. In the past year were reported by financial houses in the United States, 2 million in Britain, half a Million of suspicious money movements to the authorities. But it’s not happened much, although the United Kingdom is considered to be particularly engaged in the fight against financial crime.