During season 15 of Love is in the meadow, Laura caught the eye of her suitor Benoît. A mutual love at first sight for the cow breeder which materialized in a beautiful love story. Since their meeting on the M6 ​​show, the couple have lived peaceful days after moving in together in 2021.

“We really moved in together in March and now we have our little routine. Benoît has found a job as an agricultural salesman-storekeeper. So we did things in order and at our own pace, which suits us all. two perfectly”, explained the farmer for Télé Loisirs in August 2021. If her spouse is already the father of a daughter, Laura is also thinking of starting their own family. “We think about it of course, it’s planned. I admit that I was a little stubborn until then and that I absolutely wanted to get married first, to do things in order if I can say so. But today ‘Today, we have reviewed our priorities a little, especially as I am getting older, “she laughs in front of our colleagues.

On the wedding side, the couple from season 15 still prefer to take their time, although the breeder does not hide her impatience. “I knew what to expect from the start with Laura who was immediately very clear about her desire to get married,” joked Benoit, specifying. “So we will, but for the moment it is not yet scheduled”.

On her Instagram account, Karine Le Marchand had shared a photo with them at the start of the year. The opportunity to share a happy event with their fans on the web. “Thank you for the visit lovers! Only good news and happiness to resell and pass on. Thank you Laura and Benoît, I am so happy for you. It was time for the wheel to turn”, she wrote, followed of the hashtag “wedding”, hinting that a wedding is on the horizon for the couple.

He was the swaggering farmer in season 15 of Love is in the Meadow. Last year, Jean-Claude was talked about for his romance with Yolanda. A couple that marked the fans of the show hosted by Karine Le Marchand, especially after a sequence that went viral where the cereal farmer from Centre-Val de Loire had an incredible fall naked in the jacuzzi in front of his contender. “I am known more for my buttocks than for my head”, he still has fun today, questioned by our colleagues from France Bleu.

Since the end of the filming of season 14 of Love is in the meadow, Didier would be more in love than ever with his suitor Isabelle. The farmer had even taken advantage of the show to ask for the hand of his sweetheart who accepted. This mother of two children would also have decided to request her transfer to the Post Office in order to fully experience her love alongside Didier, a native of Capdenac in Aveyron.

Loïc and Stéphanie have been together for 10 years. The cattle breeder in the two Sèvres met Stéphanie in season 3 of the show. Since the beginning of their relationship, the two lovebirds have never left each other. They are now parents of two children, a little girl and a boy.

Both participated in season 7 of Love is in the meadow. They spin the perfect love since 2012 and were married in 2014 after having a child. “We say ‘I love you’ ten times a day, we also say it to our son. Today, we work a lot to establish our life, end our days together and make Gabriel grow up in good conditions”, had declared Frédérique to Télé-Loisirs.

The two candidates met in season 5 of Love is in the meadow. Emmanuelle who lived near Geneva came to settle in the Loiret. The couple now have two little girls. “Life is made to be lived together when I saw Yoann’s portrait, his values ​​interested me. I said to myself I have nothing to lose by writing. I wanted to put my bags down then… .And here I am, the mother of two little girls“, she confided to Paris Match.

Thierry met his soul mate on the show. His marriage to Annie in Normandy was particularly publicized. Obviously, the two lovebirds are happier than ever. “We got together a little quickly, but our marriage sealed something and we stay together. As soon as she goes back to Paris to work, I miss her, I can’t do without her, I love her. calls morning, noon and evening”, he had dropped in Paris Match during the meeting of the 10 years of Love is in the meadow.

In 2013, Damien and Élodie fall in love with each other during season 8 of the show. Despite a short break in 2014, they are still together. “I liked her because she was simple and frank. Her character is not always easy but for me she left everything and had to find work, in my region… We bicker, but I like it , it opens up the conversation,” Damien said. The couple had a child in December 2017. “It’s a little girl and her name is Emma,” he told Télé Loisirs.

Sophie and Matthieu met in season 8 of Love is in the Meadow. They joined the mayor of Saint-Jean-Saint-Maurice-sur-Loire (Rhône-Alpes region) at the end of August 2015. During their appearance on television, the candidates had particularly moved viewers. Today, the two lovers are the happy parents of a boy named Alexis and a girl named Elise.

Nicole and François met on the 2019 edition of Karine Le Marchand’s show. Since July 2019, the two lovebirds have moved in together in order to live their love 100%. Today, the couple, who do not want to get married at the moment, are planning to have a baby soon. “We don’t want to get married, just have a baby,” they told our colleagues from Télé Star on December 9.

Sébastien and Karine met in season 16 of Love is in the meadow. The lavender grower and cow breeder makes perfect love with the Parisian Karine. More than a year after their meeting, the two lovebirds now live under the same roof. Karine left her Parisian life to live with her companion in the south of Ardèche.

Hervé and Stéphanie met in season 16 of Love is in the meadow. Hervé, a dairy cow breeder, made an impression on viewers by confessing his virginity to Karine Le Marchand, then falling in love with Stéphanie. The Norman left her region to move in with her companion in Picardy. The couple appeared on the program Recherche appartement ou maison on September 16 with Stéphane Plaza. Hervé took advantage of the filming to formalize his engagement with Stéphanie.