Disappointing Emmanuel Macron – censure doesn’t do on the big ReformerDer President is written off by the majority of the French. The Corona-crisis contributes to this. Debating what candidates actually not.Nadia Pantel from Paris0 KommentareEr was taken as the restorer of France: President Emmanuel Macron, in a speech at the end of may in Le Touquet in the North of France.Photo: Ludovic Marin (AFP)

You do not need to know the jokes of Jean-Marie Bigard, to understand France better. More interesting than his punchlines, stressed vulgar and rarely original, the fact that the comedian and actor Bigard think aloud about whether he might not be President. An absolute nonsense idea, about which, nevertheless, was reported, as if it were a political maneuver.

France responds with two reflections on the medical, economic and social Corona-misery: It works its way up to its President. And it’s looking for the next mighty man (women do not appear in these national salvation discourses) that could finally make everything right.

The name by which it is juggling to show how little the French trust their politicians. Time presidency be projected hopes in the anti-virus Guru ascended physician Didier Raoult, times television star and environmentalist Nicolas Hulot. The main thing, the one currently remote is available to all relevant parties.

centralism as a Problem

Emmanuel Macron appears in these Fantasies as Failed. As he was there in person and alone to the high number of plague deaths. The prominent position of the French President has just in times of crisis a high price, the responsibility is difficult to distribute.

And so the Swan song is accompanied on Macron of a Swan song for the centralism. France looks into these weeks with a mixture of Anger and admiration on Germany. Series way to praise the French commentators of the German federalism. They opt for a strategy similar to the ones that the search for Bigard or Raoult the solution. They argue for a radical change. The Existing values you.

Indeed, it would be good if the pandemic would lead to France’s regions will be able to take on more political responsibility. The economic rise of cities such as Bordeaux, Nantes or Lyon shows how strong the country may be beyond Paris. At the same time the mayor are those politicians, which the French are by far the most trust.

show effects instead of reforms

Macrons Problem lies less in the fact that he would have failed as a crisis Manager. There was no collapse of the medical care like in Italy, no undignified spat between herd immunity and Lockdown in the UK, and there is no Denying the danger, such as in the United States.

The consequences that should Macron of the new radical criticism of his policies and, above all, in his Person, he promises to self-promote for three years: decentralisation, democratic processes, strengths, compromises, searching, and not by rule. Instead of this: to redeem the promise, loses Macron in show effects. This was also the case for the output restrictions. They were extra hard, as adults of this hardness a higher legitimacy of the state.

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